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Titans boss wife Kortney Olson tells of drug hell and tackling her porn past -

Kortney Olson

EXCLUSIVE: Titans boss wife tells of drug hell - I've tackled my porn past Source: The Sunday Mail (Qld)

KORTNEY Olson, the woman at the centre of the Gold Coast NRL porn scandal, has defended her right to train under-20s players amid calls for her and her husband, Titans chief executive David May, to be sacked.

Speaking exclusively to The Sunday Mail, Ms Olson talked candidly of her turbulent past, revealing her struggle with being raped at 17 and a battle to overcome alcohol and drug abuse, including a reliance on crystal methamphetamine.

"I've had time to process my past and realise that I'm a human being born to make mistakes," she said yesterday.

"It's a constant reminder that I don't ever want to find myself under the influence of narcotics or booze because, clearly, I don't make the best choices."

The Titans were embroiled in a fresh controversy after explosive revelations Ms Olson, a former fetish-porn star, joined the club a fortnight ago in a strength-and-conditioning volunteer's role.

The mother of a Gold Coast junior yesterday called on ARL Commission chairman John Grant to sack May, saying the appointment of his former porn-star wife smacks of nepotism and is a public relations disaster for rugby league.

The Sunday Mail has obtained a slew of pornographic material featuring Ms Olson, a natural bodybuilder and fitness fanatic, found widely on a number of internet porn and bodybuilding websites.

Some of the pictures and videos are so sexually explicit they cannot be published.

Among the images, Ms Olson, a 31-year-old American, is featured holding a gun, posing in raunchy bedroom scenes and in many naked erotic scenes, either alone or engaged in lesbian acts.

Titans players are aware of the salacious material, with two staffers privately angry at Ms Olson's involvement with under-20s players.

But Ms Olson yesterday said her life as a porn star was in the past.

Determined to rebuild her life, the reformed addict has no plans to quit as a Titans volunteer after overcoming her battle with substance abuse.

"It's been several years since I've gone down that path," she said of her pornographic work.

"I'm not ashamed and embarrassed by what I've done.

"It's a part of my learning experience and has made me who I am today.

"All I can do, and have a desire to do, is help mentor others who find themselves in the same struggles.

"Unless I'm asked to leave the Titans, I wouldn't walk away from an amazing opportunity such as this.

"The under-20s are just as important as the senior squad."

Ms Olson says she first turned to alcohol at 17 after being violated.

At 23, she developed an addiction to the lethal drug crystal meth, also known as ice, but has been clean for two years.

"The hard times were really fought before I met David," she said.

"David is like my guardian angel now . . . but I made the choice not to be a victim.

"It was not easy, but by keeping an open mind, doing what's been suggested by others . . . I haven't been afraid to ask for help and work through a program of recovery."

In one interview with a fitness website, Ms Olson confirmed "making fetish videos" and claims her "bisexual side . . . puts a lot of stress on a person's relationship".

The explicit content is a major breach of the NRL's code of conduct, chiefly Sections 12 and 14, which pertain to upholding the image of the NRL and public confidence in its brand.

An NRL spokesman said yesterday: "Our understanding is that she is not an employee of the club and has no official capacity beyond volunteering in an area where she has some expertise.

"There are a number of personal issues involved in this and we do not see this as a matter in which the NRL should intervene."

May yesterday said he was standing by his wife and was prepared to answer accusations of nepotism with the NRL.

"It would be nepotism if she was employed and getting paid, but she's a volunteer," he said.

"If anybody is unhappy with it, the NRL, our fans, players or sponsors, I will deal with it.

"She has battled some of the most vicious and difficult personal demons, including rape, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction and during a period which was very difficult for a young woman, Kortney did some things which perhaps in hindsight she wouldn't have done now.

"Everyone does things they aren't proud of but she has put it behind her.

"I am proud of Kortney.

"She is proof you can battle the darkest demons and overcome it and be a better person for it."


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